Patrick Driscoll
LIttleton City Council

About me


My passion for Colorado started with a camping trip in 1973 on a road trip with my family from Youngstown, Ohio. That trip made me realize that Colorado was where I wanted to live. After graduating from college in 1985 I made the move to the Denver area. I met my wife  Brenda, and in 1992 we were married. We moved to Littleton in 2000 knowing that it would be a great place to raise our three daughters. We were lucky to be part of the educational experience that Wilder Elementary, Goddard Middle School, and Heritage High School had to offer. My professional experience of 26 years has been in the Mortgage Lending industry and the Commercial Construction industry. This experience gives me a deep insight into the planning and execution of many different types of development.

Issues at hand

Our city and community is at a cross roads. Some people feel that Littleton is ‘fine’. We need to keep the status quo. Others feel that we’re ‘missing the boat’. Businesses and development are going to our neighbors to the north and south. We need to be proactive and support those businesses that have choices for their locations. Our city only gets 6% of the property taxes we pay. The majority of the city’s budget is dependent on retail sales tax, and retail is a fast changing landscape. By looking for new opportunities to fund the city we will be able to curtail impending financial issues. Our next council will be facing those challenges and I look forward to tackling those issues. We need to implement a comprehensive plan for the City to guide how our community will look and feel in the coming years. The last time the city adopted this type of plan was over twenty years ago. Council has earmarked $100,000.00 to developing this plan and I look forward to being part of that process. Littleton Fire Department and emergency rescue teams have financial concerns that have been ignored for too long. City Council needs to be more receptive to  developers about our housing shortage, and other exciting projects.

Why vote for me

Today, we have seen Littleton grow into a thriving city. We are in a unique time in history where Colorado is experiencing exciting growth. In 2016 Littleton was recognized as the 4th Best Small City in America, and in 2017 Littleton was ranked #79 of the 150 Best Cities for Millennials. The word is out about how great our community is. We need to encourage all the generations who want to move here and raise their families. In this election, you will have a choice in the direction you want to see Littleton take. We can continue to be resistant to change or we can direct it into a well thought out vision. I look forward to that challenge. A vote for Patrick Driscoll-- District 1, is a vote for transparency, strong work ethic, and availability to ALL. When the community speaks, I will be there to listen.

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To support Patrick 's campaign you can mail a check to : 5836 S. Lupine Dr. Littleton, CO 80123.

Make check payable to:   PTD4CityCouncil

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Endorsments and Links


The Littleton Business Chamber

Littleton Fire Protection District:

Metro Housing Coalition PAC

Mayor Thomas Feldkamp, Bow Mar, CO

Realtor Candidate PAC

Upcoming Events


Please join:

Patrick Driscoll-- (District 1), 

Kyle Schlachter (At-Large) 

Karina Elrod (At-Large) 

for a Meet-and-Greet at one of two venues.

When:  Wednesday, Oct. 4th 
Where:  Platte River Bar and Grill 
Address:  5995 S. Santa Fe Dr.  Littleton
Time:  5:30 - 7:30
Why:  Meet the candidates, ask questions, donation to my campaign, have a  cold beverage.
Free taco bar

When:  Saturday, Oct. 7th
Where:  James Taylor Park
Address:  5120 S. Meade St.  Littleton
Time:  Noon - 2:00
Why:  Meet the candidates, ask questions, donation to my campaign, have a  cold beverage.
Refreshment will be served


Q:  Will retail development help Littleton? 

Patrick:  The short answer is yes.  The City  relies on retail taxes to pay the bills, and improve infrastructure.  Currently we are spending more than we're bring in, so something has to change if we don't want to go in the red.